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This program helps you discover who you are, your identity. This is significant, for what we do is who we are. It is about strengthening and building culture through communication and collaboration. Our program helps people and teams build the passion and desire for ongoing conversion and mission. 


Strengths Discovery:

The science of strengths came from more than 50 years of research and Strengths assessments have helped millions of people discover what they do best.

STEAM Executive can help your company discover the unique combination of strengths within your staff.

Packaged with the Strengths assessment plus the 2-hour STEAM Strengths Discovery Session, this is a highly cost-effective introduction of the Strengths Based Approach.

Build The Future Together!


What people are saying about our workshops

“Where does a coach go to be coached? STEAM has skilled and knowledgeable Cliftons Strengths Coaches with an understanding of human behaviour and natural kind nature. I would highly recommend STEAM to anyone looking to discover their strengths.”

Caron Rounds


“I commissioned STEAM to come and workshop the Gallup Strengths framework with my team – and I’m really glad I did! The newly formed Teaching and Technology Innovation team is a diverse group of individuals, with the most amazing skills and experience. Using this new shared knowledge of their key strengths, we have been able to identify development activities that have absolutely helped them shine, and even more from the time they spend at work.”

Brian Bailey

Technology Innovation Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY

“I found the STEAM Executive Team Building and Community Empowerment workshops an engaging, interesting and enjoyable way to explore new ways of thinking on a variety of topics. I am very excited to find when they can run more of these locally. I feel these workshops would be tremendously beneficial to any community organisation or company to help their people grow and work together. I am happy to recommend the Team Building and Community Empowerment workshops from STEAM Executive.”

Dr Edward Burn, PhD MD

Why we do what we do

“When my colleague, Mahesh, showed me the Strengths Discovery program I was so impressed that I immediately decided this was something that we should engage with at STEAM. The particular power of the program is unlocked in the Team Strengths capability that is unique among these types of systems. I have been very impressed by the passion and the drive of our coaches and facilitators, in helping individual and team members to focus on and develop their key strengths. Coaching instills individuals and team members with creative confidence. I recommend the Strengths Discovery program as outstanding resources for Team and Community development. We are proud to have the best coaches and facilitators on board at STEAM Executive”  

Sean Donovan


Leaders encourage people to live up to their fullest potential and find the path they love and this inspires confidence and drives innovation
  • See yourself more clearly
  • See others more clearly
  • Inspire and influence your team
  • Communicate in New Ways
  • Achieve Team Goals
  • Celebrate Team Success

Ideal for

  • Team Building
  • Community Empowerment
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal Growth

Proven Success
Gallup research proves that individuals, teams and entire organizations succeed when they play to their strengths.

STEAM Discover Your Strengths specialises in positive change through a series of Group Workshops. Our programs offers an opportunity to perform to your potential.


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Key customer experience:

Sydney University


Harris Park Community Centre

Indian Support Centre

Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC)

Skiva Solutions

Individuals in Campbelltown Parish