Building The Future Together!

Author: Mr. Mahesh Trivedi

Chapter 4

Joy Comes from Freedom

‘Joy is prayer – Joy is strength – Joy is love – Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. She gives most who gives with Joy.’

(Mother Teresa)

Enjoy the journey

One question is obvious: Where from and how do we get freedom? When we reflect with our true nature, we are already free. There is no bondage when we reflect with our self-awareness. Let us reflect right from the beginning of our journey.

All bondage comes from limited mind-set, beliefs, and perceptions at a specific point in time. This creates an illusion of being limited within a boundary or circle. Imagine many circles, like circle of our race, region, and religion and circle of thought pattern, understanding, judgement, and our limited world. Even when the circle becomes bigger, we are still imprisoned within that circle. These are mental, psychological, and emotional circles. As a soul, we are a free-flowing spirit with joy in our life’s journey. If we step out of our circle, the whole world is ours. Now, we are for the whole world. From a limited bound circle, we are now boundless as horizon, and we enjoy our journey with freedom. Now, our journey becomes boundless.

Chapter 10

Life Means Abundance

‘Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance,’ says John Petit-Senn.

Every day is new. Every day brings new moments in our life. Every day is unique in its own way. The meaning of new is as unique as different feelings to previously known moments. No person can live without thinking for a single moment. Every thought coming to our mind goes away and is replaced by another thought and so on.

Thought can be a feeling of lack of something. This feeling of lack brings another thought of expectation in that moment. The expectation of something more, bigger, better, stronger, faster, and richer than the present moment makes the mind agitated. The expectation of happiness itself brings grief.

When a thought does not expect anything from the moment, we live in that moment, and we live a fulfilled life. We should not have the desire to have a fulfilled life. As we live in this moment, it is filled with our presence, and that makes our moment fulfilled. We are at the present moment, not that moment which has passed by. When we live in this moment, we feel like living a spirited life. Practicing to live at the moment keeps us happy and cheerful. We do not try to live a happy life. We live a happy life by living in this moment. Our life is fulfilled by our presence in this moment. We are flowing in this moment, so there is no comparison with the previous moment or with the other person.