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True Blessings: Twelve Day Challenge

12 Days
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  • Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or insecurity? Do you wish you could find more joy and meaning in your daily activities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not alone. Many people today are living in a state of disconnect from their true self, their spirit, and their purpose. They are caught up in a global competition that leaves them feeling exhausted, unhappy, and unfulfilled.
  • But what if there was a way to reconnect with your true self and discover the blessings that are already within you? What if you could learn to live a soulful life that brings you joy, peace, harmony, and freedom? What if you could ignite the spark of hope and awareness that can transform your life and the world around you?
  • That is what the True Blessings Program is all about. It is a 12-day online program that guides you through a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. It is based on the book True Blessings by Mahesh Trivedi, a renowned spiritual teacher and author who has helped thousands of people around the world find their true essence and purpose. The program combines online workshops, free chapters from the book, and personal reflections to help you unlock the true blessings that are waiting for you.


  • The True Blessings Program consists of the following features:
  • A 12-day online program that you can access anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.
  • A daily online workshop that introduces you to a key concept and practice from the True Blessings book.
  • A free chapter from the True Blessings book that you can download and read to deepen your understanding and insight.
  • Your personal reflection that you can write or record to express your thoughts and feelings and apply the learning to your life.
  • A supportive community of fellow participants and facilitators that you can interact with and share your experiences and feedback.
  • A certificate of completion that you can download and print to celebrate your achievement and commitment.

Target audiences

  • The True Blessings Program is designed to help you achieve the following benefits:
  • Discover your true self and your unique purpose in life.
  • Learn to live in the present moment and enjoy every aspect of your life.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions and increase joy, happiness, and positive energy.
  • Develop a deeper connection with your spirit and the source of all creation.
  • Experience love, peace, harmony, and freedom in your relationships, work, and environment.
  • Enhance your creativity, intuition, and wisdom and use them to fulfill your dreams and goals.
  • Contribute to the well-being of yourself, others, and the planet through your actions and intentions.


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Sean studied at Universities in Australia and China, has held senior positions in international companies, government, and University, and led not-for-profit and community groups.

If you are ready to embark on this amazing journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, then you can join the True Blessings Program today by a simple online payment.