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Our face-to-face coaching sessions provide a unique opportunity to connect deeply, understand your challenges, and develop personalized strategies for success. Whether it’s life coaching to overcome personal hurdles, team building workshops to enhance group dynamics, or Clifton Strengths coaching to harness your innate talents, we offer solutions that drive real results.

What Our Clients Say

I commissioned STEAM Executive to workshop the Gallup Strengths framework with my team – and I’m really glad I did! Using this new shared knowledge of their key strengths, we have been able to identify development activities that have absolutely helped them shine, and even more from the time they spend at work.

Brian Bailey

Technology Innovation Manager

Where does a coach go to be coached? STEAM Executive has skilled and knowledgeable Cliftons Strengths Coaches with an understanding of human behaviour and a natural kind nature. I would highly recommend STEAM Executive to anyone looking to discover their strengths.

Caron Rounds

Head of Education & Innovation

I found the STEAM Executive Team Building and Community Empowerment workshops an engaging, interesting and enjoyable way to explore new ways of thinking on a variety of topics. These workshops would be tremendously beneficial to any community organisation or company to help their people grow and work together.

Edward Burn


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